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The Broken
i have always been broken sometimes i think i was born this way to be alone and an outcast don't get me wrong i have friends and their the best I'll ever have but sometimes seeing something thats hurt you before having to see it everyday  makes me feel like just as i rebuild my heart someone has to crush it again and again so finally i gave up on picking up the pieces im sick of cutting my hands on the broken shards of what once was how ever i wish those luck who have hurt me i hope your happy now  someday someone will do the same to you then i will stare down at you  and say how does it feel to feel like you once made me feel you stupid fool i won't bandage your wounds i won't help you pick up the pieces of your own heart as you've made me do before and maybe sometime in the end you will be happy or the chains of hell will wrap around you body and take you to the place you deserve to be but hey its not like it matters right? least not to you
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 3 1
To bad
to bad he didn't love me the way i loved him
To bad we had a family and he dropped it all
To bad i couldn't understand what he was going threw
To bad i broke another boys heart for him
To bad he left and now I'm alone
To bad all the memories of the past still haunt me
To bad i can't sleep at night wondering how he is or what hes doing
To bad i cry theses tears for nothing
To bad he didn't love me
To bad i gave him my heart and loved him
To bad i couldn't understand him as well as i wanted
To bad its all over now its time to move on
To bad i can't its not in me to go on anymore
To bad  i miss him so much
To bad why won't theses tears stop falling?
To bad why can't i just walk away and never come back?
To bad   i have alot to live for but its hard to keep going when u think there is nothing left..
To bad we all can't have what we want in life
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 4 37
and another for bloodlust07 by goldflamefox and another for bloodlust07 :icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 11 15
Your always away always gone you have seemingly fallen away from me i cant reach out and bring you back no matter how hard i try.. My mistakes are never right but when i try to make up for them its never enough  right now i plead and beg for your forgiveness i know not what els to do your my friend and i don't want to lose you but im afraid that's already happened just like i fears your heart has turned to ice not even the hottest fire can melt im lost with out Guidance this is my last chance if this fails then all els does as well you have changed but i won't admit you have even others notice but say nothing in fear of being punished  i could apologize a thousand times over but that still wouldn't be enough would it i make mistakes and im sorry if im not perfect enough for you....
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 3 1
Mature content
Smoke and Blood :icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 5 6
my life my death my sorrow
i gave her my heart only to get it broken again in return she wanted a commitment i knew i was to young for and that i knew i wouldn't be able to keep i turned down the offer and she shattered my heart like it was nothing i look to my friends for comfort and it feels like I'm just getting the cold shoulder from everyone how could i let myself fall so far and not be able to get back up on my own like i have so many times before but this final time i am truly broken from the inside out.. my soul is gone now for the devil may keep my body i wander along alone all over again fearing to trust any one anymore.. my life my death my sorrow my pain..can u feel it? or are u just another left in the dark..
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 3 4
you say you care but some how  you just can't seem to prove that to me as u brake my heart continuously over and over, love to me is more then it could probably mean to you what do i have to prove that my love is real not just some cheap thrill ride.. a shattered heart is more pain then any physical thing could possible do to me all wounds will heal in time except my heart all i can do is pick up the shattered pieces and try and move on slowly putting that shards back together only to watch it all crumble again and again over and over why do i stay when i know this isn't what i want but i stay for the person i love no matter how much they hurt me
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 3 19
Pain,Blood,Heart break
I gave her my heart in hopes to help her but in the end she just shattered my heart and ran away no matter how close i get she always pushes my away she wont trust me enough to try and open up to me  i remain and start to pick up the shards of whats left of my heart from the ground as she runs away to go find someones els,Time passes she comes back in tears i still stand with open arms  to comfort her and yet again all i receive is heart break in return as blood tears fall from my eyes all i can do is watch her go and get hurt again and again even tho i try and talk  her out of it all i get is a slap in the face and she ends up with a shattered heart again... im sorry i can't be what u won't let me be..
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 4 0
blood tears love and hate...
they say all pain heals in time i say thats a lie no matter how much time passes no matter how long its been  your heart never really heals there will always be a scar to remind you of what u lost so long ago and never get back its better to try and move on but sometimes you just can't help but hold onto the past no matter how much it hurts to  look back or let go most think its easy but for some its harder then anyone knows they keep their pain hidden from the world sometimes death is better then living in pain sit on your bed tears falling stareing at an old pic of some one you once gone... now and for ever
~blood tears love and hate now and forever
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 8 5
screen shot by goldflamefox screen shot :icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 1 23
I Miss You
your sit alone thinking "why am i so misunderstood?" your friend sits beside u and wipes away your tears and takes you into a soft embrace you clutch onto their shirt trying to make yourself stop crying but its not working cuz your friends is crying there too that was a few years ago this is now u stand at your friends grave on your knees crying  almost in the same way u did all those years ago except there is no one to take you in their arms and comfort you you place roses on the grave stand up and dust off then walk away into the mist..................
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 6 20
you sit there watching the person you thought you loved going off with some  one else you feel a burning sting in your heart as you walk away with silver tears falling from your eyes you have seen the guy around but he raped your friend and yet she still goes to him he says "he did it as a favor to some one" you hate him for what he did but your friend says to give him a second chance you argue with her over it but in the end you  loose and he gets to come back-you feel so riped up about what he did you just want to kill him or hit him or something but you can't u try your best to get along with him but you just can't do it you slowly fade away into your won lil world of darkness and pain you find your self laying in a blood of your own blood unable to move or scream for help then you realize there is no one there and you are left alone to die....
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 4 27
Why Does The Pain Never End
you struggle to move just to  get away from the things that bind you to this world to your body itself but you can't get free there is just too much holding you down what you did in your life drugs abuse drinking all holds you back at times but then again it helps easy the pain but slowly kills you from the inside out until there is nothing left no body for your soul to live in
what next? as you try to get the to the gates of heaven a chain wraps around your foot and begins to drag you back down towards hell you have a split second choice to try and get away
and stay on earth and roam forever you choose to roam for ever never able to be with your family always separated no place among the living nor the dead your an out cast there is no place for you, you looks around and think "where do i go now?"
but there is no one to answer you.......
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 3 14
Take one last look back at the place you once called home and silver tears fall from your eyes then you turn back to the path ahead and take off running tears are still falling u can hear your mother crying because your gone she found the note u left behind saying your sorry but you can stay anymore u had to get away from that place the beatings
and-you shake your head trying to get the thoughts from your mind you keep running until u can run no more, its getting late so u Set up camp by the lake and fish for your meal after all that is said and done u sit in your tent and look at the picture of your mother and yourself when u where young u rub your eyes as tears start to fall once again memories come flooding back to u
some good and some bad ,but u manage to remember the good times and cry yourself to sleep. when u wake its morning u get up and take a bath in the lake catch your breakfast and eat then back up and start walking again thinking to yourself "will i ever be able to see
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 4 13
My death
Leave me forever to die alone in a pool of my own blood with one last breath i say "I'm sorry i love u" then i slowly slip away into the darkness that is death i feel cold the pain hasn't stopped i think "is this death is this what everyone feels when they die?" then i fall into complete darkness where i can't see anything there suddenly there is a light far away i head voices calling me towards the light so i run to  the light and once i get there i no longer feel cold no more pain just a feeling of warmth and happiness
:icongoldflamefox:goldflamefox 5 15



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curse you germs of this world :shakefist: * can't spell* -.- stills getting over my cold not as bad now but still sucks
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